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Battles created by ThorMathews

Team 1 Team 2
Donna TroyBig Barda3000
Batman & CatwomanSpider-Man & Black Cat5000
Doctor Strange (Classic)Cosmic King Thor6000
Justice League of AmericaOdin & Thor3000
Sif & ValkyrieWonder Woman4000
Captain MarvelRonan The Accuser3000
Darkseid (True Form)Superboy-Prime3000
Black PantherNora1000
Black Panther & StormInvisible Woman & Mister Fantastic3000
Human Torch & IcemanThor5000
Team ThorTeam Darth Sidious3000
Black Panther & StormGambit & Rogue6000
Justice League of AmericaGalactus3000
Black PantherSif4000
ValkyrieBlack Panther5000
Captain America (EMH)Batman (DCAU)6000
Darkseid (True Form)Cosmic King Thor5000
Team ThorGodzilla (MonsterVerse) & Ungoliant1000
InfinityLoki (God Of Stories)1000