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I was born on the dying planet of Krypton. My parents sent me off into space in a small shuttle. For three years I traveled through the universe's to end up on Earth. Due to Earth's yellow sun, I gained abilities that no human has possessed. With these abilities I began to help people, and never have even thought of using my powers for evil.

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2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

Superman would win. The only reason Supergirl would win is if Kal doesn't want to hurt her. Which he wouldn't.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spectre

I want to vote for Superman, Thor, and Shazam... but with all of Spectre's feats and abilities, even this powerhouse of a team probably can't do it.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spectre

@LORDfromURANUS By the way.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spectre

Just look at Spectre's powers... Time Manipulation, Reality Warping, Possession, Psionic Powers, Telepathy, FRIGGIN DEATH TOUCH. OPM wouldn't be able to land a single punch, even with his great speed. Spectre's speed either matches or goes beyond OPM's, especially since he can just slow down time and make Saitama even slower. If you want a scenario, imagine this-- they are each at one end (their own ends) of a gladiator arena and the fight begins. Instantly Saitama tries to get across the arena going his top speed and then falls over dead... do you want to know how this happened? Well, kind of like this. Right as the fight began Spectre manipulated time to the point where Saitama's full speed was like an extremely slow walk. Then not being dumb and not underestimating Saitama, he turns himself invisible (just in case). At a fast speed, he walks over to Saitama and uses possession and takes over Saitama's body. He then (time is still slow) has Saitama punch himself in the face a few times, and then after his fun, he taps Saitama on the forehead and uses Death touch and kills the One Punch Man. Or you could just go with the simple version of Spectre reality warps OPM out of existence, but that is no fun.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

Ha ha ha... ha...h--? You are serious?
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

I respect your vote but I just want to point out something I didn't like about your comment. "I really understand that fans of Superman want their superhero to be the victorious all the time. But this makes them very blind and unable to reason objectively."- godofthunder. The thing is why I don't like this part is because you target just fans of Superman, while fans of every superhero do this same thing. Many Thor fans are outraged that Superman is winning in the polls and basically just insult whoever voted for Superman. So just like you said, "this makes them very blind and unable to reason objectively." I am not trying to argue or start a fight, I do respect your vote and why you believe it. But I did want to point out that you can't single a group of people out for doing something wrong when the same group that you are apart of does the same thing. I hope you don't take this as a start to a fight, as you can tell I really don't want that. I just want people to understand this.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

Again, your arrogance amuses me. You claim how much of a good debater you are, but the thing is-- you aren't even a debater. Your style of "debate" is to make personal attacks against whoever opposes you and then try to argue about how much better you are than them. If Thor was real, he would be highly disappointed in you kid. You are a coward, dishonorable, and arrogant. All of which Thor is not. Thor also is respectful to others, and the main moral of many of his comics is to learn humility. You are the type of person who has turned what is usually something fun to talk about, into a useless fight because your pride punched you in the gut and you just let it. It is sad to see another human being like this. I hope someday you revaluate who you want to be, and that time I truly hope for your and everyone who comes to know you's sake, you choose the right way to go.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

First of all SirSpidey, YOU started all this and you alone. Look at how many comments I commented trying to say that we should have a friendly debate, and you trashed all that and went straight for a fight. So don't pin your mistakes on me. Also, you said that I said I was offended by people calling me names... did you not read my comments? I said the complete opposite of that. I said it was a joke, and that it made them look childish. Your "Politically Correct" argument is still crap, I started to see what you were saying but the thing is it doesn't work. Phrasing things differently to give a more respectful tone in a debate is different than actually changing terms just so people feel "special." Then this is my favorite part. You say that I get all offended and act like a girl when you call me a fanboy and that is SO SO SO hypocritical. What are you? A friggin liberal? Then you act like a victim when @LordTracer tries to help me out (Thanks by the way LordTracer). This debate doesn't have an end because neither one of us is going to change our minds, no matter how many sources we each share with each other. Also, you say that you have "128 Canon Comics" for sources. Well good for you... I guess it doesn't matter then that half of them have little to do with anything.
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Thor

Thors team is a bunch of friggin' powerhouses! Holy crap! Thor's team has less "weak links" than Gokus, and Thor's team has more powerful members.
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Blue Beetle III

Blue Beetle's team has a Martian on it... good luck Iron Mans team...