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2+ years member.
Voted: Batman

Oh, one more thing. SirSpidey, you make "ZERO sense", not me.
2+ years member.
Voted: Batman

Over fifteen people have given you tons of evidence about how Batman would win, but you still deny it. And when you start losing in a discussion/argument, you resort to insults. No matter how much information is thrown at you, you refuse to think about a fight between these two superheroes would actually go. Its been half a year and you still think that somehow Captain America would beat Batman. That's my point. And now that I've said my piece I'm not coming back to this battle, because I know that you're just going say something about how stupid I am, how I don't know anything about Captain America or Batman, or what I say, makes no sense.
2+ years member.
Voted: Batman

So, I'm back from vacation, I check for anything new on this battle, and I notice two things. One, the list of comments on this battle got SUPER long. And two, Sirspidey is STILL the only one arguing that Captain America would beat Batman in a fight.
2 years ago.
Team Battle
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Captain America

Team Captain America wins because they have a lot of powerful characters.
2+ years member.
Voted: Green Lantern

With standard equipment, Hal wins. If they know they are going to fight each other and have a day to prepare, Iron Man wins.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

And here's the rematch.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

Here's a video that shows who would win.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

As much as I like Batman, Spidey wins this one. He's stronger. faster, and more durable. Plus, the spider sense cancels out almost all of Batmans gadgets.
2+ years member.
Voted: Doomsday

2+ years member.
Voted: Doomsday

Heres a video tp show who would win in a fight.
Justice League of America

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