Random LOTR-y Bio-----------------------------------------------Merimir Osbon is an Elf of the woodland realm who started as a thief. After finding a magical ring granting her various abilities, Merimir became an agent for king Thranduil, bringing criminals to justice. As middle earth faded bringing forth the modern world, Merimir continued her job as the oldest and first superhero on earth. ------------------------------powers: -mild super strength (she didn't start out strong so it basically brought her to a little above average but still stronger than most men) -mild super speed (includes better reflexes) -magic (really cool purple magic that does all kind of things) Age: unknown (lost track) appears to be 16 years old *note: She actually sucks at archery. She uses magic to guide arrows towards her targets. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways... Hawkeye is my fav, Jannet (the wasp) is underrated, Bruce Banner is underrated, The Hulk is overrated --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Random: most the pictures on the Wasp I page are from me

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