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No, we didn't. But we still know it's happened. We know of its existence. How many CM feats do we have? None. Zilch
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Exactly @Soulcollecter57 - You can't compare the literal God of the Marvel Universe to Captain Marvel from the MCU
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At least it's more than 1 statement. And we've actually seen him in comics
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Except we actually know his powers.
275 days ago
Team Battle
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Hulk* vs Luke Cage
Juggernaut* vs Godzilla
Abomination^ vs Onslaught^
Thing vs Hercules*
Solomon Grundy vs Thor*
Hulk^ vs Hercules^
Juggernaut vs Thor*
275 days ago
Team Battle
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World War Hulk vs Parallax*
Doomsday^ vs Blue Marvel^
X-Man* vs Sentry
Wonder Man vs Doctor Strange*
Doctor Doom vs Doctor Fate*
Zatanna vs Thor*
X-Man vs Parallax, Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate and Thor*
Voted: Thor

6 / 10 victory. The god blast is in Thor's favour.
Voted: Superman (DCEU)

Very close, with Stark's new armour, he could almost take down Superman. But it still isn't enough. 6 / 10 victory.

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