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All 22 items TheImaginator added to the database.

Name Publisher Added Updated
Thunderman Hank ThundermanNickelodeon5 d Never
Justin Russo Justin RussoDisney5 d Never
Alex Russo Alex RussoDisney5 d 5 d
Mercury FlashDC Comics25 d 25 d
Supermanium Material28 d Never
Kid Flash (White Lantern) Wally WestDC Comics1 mo 6 d Never
The Flash (White Lantern) Barry AllenDC Comics1 mo 10 d 1 mo 9 d
Don Allen Don AllenDC Comics1 mo 10 d Never
Dawn Allen Dawn AllenDC Comics1 mo 12 d Never
Xs Jenni OgnatsDC Comics1 mo 12 d 1 mo 12 d
Captain Man Ray ManchesterNickelodeon1 mo 14 d 1 mo 14 d
Kid Danger Henry HartNickelodeon1 mo 15 d 1 mo 15 d
Starman William PaytonDC Comics1 mo 18 d 1 mo 17 d
The Master1 mo 21 d Never
The Doctor Unknown1 mo 21 d 1 mo 21 d
Jason JasonDC Comics1 mo 22 d 1 mo 20 d
Sir Pinch-A-Lot Eugene KrabsNickelodeon1 mo 29 d Never
Sour Note Squidward TentaclesNickelodeon1 mo 29 d Never
Mr. Superawesomeness Patrick StarNickelodeon1 mo 29 d Never
The Quickster SpongebobNickelodeon2 mo 1 d 1 mo 26 d
The Rodent Sandy CheeksNickelodeon2 mo 1 d Never
Captain Magma Squidward TentaclesNickelodeon2 mo 17 d 2 mo 12 d