The Wolf-Dragon


The Wolf-Dragon's History

Lykkos was first born in the land of Epinio, a safe haven and paradise for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Epinio, however, is the only untouched part of the war torn world of Mors. Lykkos and the other creatures of Epinio lived in peace and happiness, but Lykkos quickly realized that he was different from the others. Each and every creature that lived in Mors possessed special and unique powers, all except Lykkos. What made him even more different was that he did not want to live in Epinio knowing the horrible state of the land and people outside its walls, but was forcefully kept there until one day he snapped and accidentally killed one of the guards that was trying to keep him from leaving. The guard, a fire controlling phoenix-hawk, was struck down by Lykkos, but after his death, Lykkos gained the power of fire. He then realized what his true power was: to steal the powers of other creatures by taking their lives. One by one, Lykkos slayed those who had wronged him until he felt he was powerful enough to leave Epinio and help those less fortunate. The first friend that Lykkos made was a man named Lupus Bellator, with whom he travels through the land of Mors, slaying the monsters that threaten the innocent and getting more and more powerful with every kill.