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The Thinker

The Thinker

Clifford DeVoe

DC Television Universe

The Thinker's History

Professor Clifford DeVoe (May 8, 1975??May 22, 2018), nicknamed The Thinker by Cisco Ramon, was a former history professor at Central City University, and a criminal mastermind who was also an extremely knowledgeable enemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Before he lived in Central City he lived in South Africa.

DeVoe worked alongside Marlize DeVoe, his now-estranged wife, and ex-partner-in-crime, whom he met at the University of Oxford. DeVoe eventually transferred his consciousness into the various "bus metas", siphoning their respective powers into himself. He eventually managed to take control over the body of Ralph Dibny, whose powers made him immune to the negative effects that his ever-expanding mind was having on his body's physical well-being.

DeVoe also used Dibny's powers to revert to the appearance of his initial body. He then went on to attempt to achieve his ultimate goal: to reset the intelligence of every person on the planet, which he called the "Enlightenment". Marlize, after realizing how insane his plan was, had ultimately aligned herself with Team Flash to stop him. After Ralph regained control of his body, DeVoe managed to live on via a hologram created by transferring his consciousness into his hoverchair but perished once and for all when Marlize removed the chair's power source.