The Star Wars Questionnaire.

Created by Dark_Wing, 4 y 4 mo 20 d ago.

1: Jedi or Sith
2: favorite world
3: type of lightsaber, saber color, and lightsaber form
4: favorite species
5: favorite vehicle
6: if you were a Jedi, which master would you want
7: if you were a Sith, which master would you want
8: if you were a Sith, what would your Darth name be?
9: favorite film
10: least favorite film
11: if you could write a novel what would it be about and why would you make that
12: which film has your favorite soundtrack
13: In your opinion what is the best thing about the EU
14: in your opinion what is the worst thing about the EU
15: what dose Star Wars mean to you personally


ARC08 2 y 5 mo 21 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
30 months member
1. Sith
2. Hoth
3. Orange/lightsaber Combat Style 5
4. Wookie
5. Star Destroyer
6. Yoda
7. Darth Sidious
8. Darth Maverick
9. The Empire Strikes Back
10. Phantom Menace
11. Darth Vader In between ROTS and Star Wars or ANH but that came out in 2017. So probably what happened to Luke after ROTJ12. .
12. Original Trilogy
13. More story line
14. I agree with @Pedrof some comics are boring
15. Best franchise I have been watching since I was 3 years old
Savage 2 y 8 mo 11 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
34 months member
1. Jedi
2. Hoth
3. Green
4. Wookie
5. X-Wing
6. Yoda
7. The Emperor
8. Darth Malvado
9. The Empire Strikes Back
10. The prequels
11. idk
12. Any original trilogy movie obviously
Pedrof 2 y 8 mo 11 d
The Star Wars Questionnaire.
44 months member
1. Sith or Dark Jedi
2. Coruscant or Tatooine
3. Single blade. Color - Blue, Purple, Red or Yellow and Form III
4. Mandalorians, I like their style
5. AT-AT, Jedi Star Fighter or Star Fighter
6. Obi-Wan, Luke or Yoda
7. Darth Bane, Darth Malgus or Darth Vader
8. Darth Shadow
9. The Revenge of the Sith
10. Solo
11. I would write about Luke's whole life after RotJ at Legends, but in a Comic. (For example the battle against Abeloth)
12. Revenge of the Sith
13. There are many more things than in canon, for example other realities, universes etc. and the characters are much stronger
14. Some comics are boring
15. I've known Star Wars since I was 6 and I just love the franchise.