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The Scarecrow (Gotham)

The Scarecrow (Gotham)

Jonathan Crane

The Scarecrow (Gotham)'s powers and abilities

Illusion casting

Using his Fear Toxin dispenser, he is capable of casting illusions which can make people hallucinate their deepest and darkest fears in twisted demonic forms.



Despite claiming to have only helped his father's experiments "sometimes," and not knowing everything about them, he is a masterful chemist, having used his father's notes to recreate the Fear Toxin, even while he was under the stress of being in the presence of a scarecrow (his greatest fear). While in Arkham, he managed to create an explosive substance that helped free Valeska from his cell. Following his escaped, he helped Valeska, create a gas that causes people to laugh uncontrollably upon exposure.


He is able to make people embrace their fears after exposing them to his Fear Toxin. Only those with the strongest of wills, such as Jim Gordon, can overcome the effects of the toxin.


While people are under the influence of his Fear Toxin, he can easily incite fear into them and make himself appear more terrifying while wearing his Scarecrow suit.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Crane has some skill in hand to hand combat. He was able to temporarily contend with Jim Gordon and briefly held the upper hand in his fight with Selina Kyle.


Crane has been shown to be capable at leading a gang of criminals; having them commit successful robberies in two separate locations at the same time.


Crane was able to sneak into Gotham Asylum while wearing his Scarecrow suit without noticing him. He has also been able to sneak up behind his victims before spraying them with his fear gas.

Strength Level

120 kg • 265 lb

Super Powers

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