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The Goon

The Goon

The Goon's powers and abilities

Superhuman Characteristics

While the Goon has no real "powers" he has a superhuman level of durability and a surprising level of strength, able to fend off entire hordes of zombies with relative ease. The Goon is also skilled in utilizing unconventional melee weapons as well. The Goon is easily able to defeat supernatural monsters such as vampires and werewolves with his bare hands. He has demonstrated superhuman speed, strength, and durability on numerous occasions. The Goon can single-handedly regulate a large city and put down armies of monsters, undead and so on. 

Resistance to Intimidation

He seems impossible to scare or intimidate.

Skilled Enforcement

The Goon has great competence in all the classic enforcer skills – violent B&E, arson, torture, corpse disposal, intimidation, etc..

Escape Artistry

Being raised on a circus, The Goon possesses knowledge of trick such as escape artistry.