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The Fifth (5th Cosmos)

The Fifth (5th Cosmos)

The Fifth

The Fifth (5th Cosmos)'s History

The embodiment of the Fifth Cosmos and fourth Multiverse. It was the maker of magic and the weaver of the illusions of change.

Like its predecessors before it, the embodiment of the Fifth Cosmos went to the Far Shore when the Multiverse passed through its renewal cycle, giving way for a new personification of the Multiverse to rise in its place.

During the Eternity War, it was summoned alongside its counterparts by Eternity to thwart the plans of the First Firmament, who sought to reclaim his position as everything that is. After it used its powers to bind the First Firmament with the very chains he forged to bind Eternity, the cosmoses took him to the Next Place, where they planned to heal him.