The Crimson Hood



The Crimson Hood's History

Katerina “Kat” Antonovna Savrasova was born on November 18th, 1996 in Vladimir, Russia. The first five years of her childhood were pretty normal. She was close with both her parents. Her parents were well-known, but reclusive inventors. She spent a lot of time in her first five years learning from them and attending galas and conferences with them. From as soon as she could talk she was learning both English and French on top of her first language of Russian. She was always very smart and picked up on many of the things her parents taught her very quickly. She took a particular interest in space and would impress her parents friends at galas and conferences with her knowledge of the outer space. She also loved to draw from a young age. When she was four and five she would wander around her large property and go on mini adventures. She knew everything about that property.

When she was five, almost six, her parents died in a fire in their workshop one night. Since she had no other living relatives, she was sent to the orphanage. After almost a year in the orphanage, she was ‘adopted’ and brought to the KGB and entered into the new Red Room program. The program was small and underfunded since the Soviet Union dissolved about a decade earlier. She was trained to be a Soviet spy and assassin for what was left of the Soviet Union and Hydra. She was good at it too. She was a fast learner and picked up on the skills very easily.

Her tenth birthday was the first time she had killed someone in cold blood. At eleven, they begin experimenting on her with a version of the super soldier serum. It gave her a watered-down version of what Captain America has. At twelve, she was one of the few girls left in the program and was placed with a handler. She began her training in seduction. At fifteen, she started sleeping with her marks before killing them, finding it the easiest way of completing her missions. Shortly after she began doing this she thought she might be pregnant. She managed to hide the pregnancy for a few months but as soon as she started showing the tiniest bit, her handler noticed and forced an abortion on her. There were plans to sterilize her in the next few weeks, on her sixteenth birthday, but before that could happen Black Widow was sent by SHIELD to kill her as she was starting to be seen as a threat to global security. Black Widow decided to give her an opportunity to join SHIELD like Hawkeye did for her. Kat accepted it and went back to America with her.

In America she had to prove that she was trustworthy and reliable. She joined the SHIELD ranks and flew up through them very quickly. During her first year there she worked her way up to almost the same clearance as Black Widow and Hawkeye. She learned everything she needed to know about SHIELD and how it worked. She met some of the Avengers and was introduced to Hawkeye’s family after she proved she was trustworthy and became pretty close with his oldest, Cooper. Shortly after that she was invited to a Christmas party at the Avengers Tower by Tony and met his niece, Jackie. They became fast friends.

In November 2013, just after her 18th birthday, Kat is interviewed for the Avengers X initiative. In January, the team is formed and Kat moves into the Avengers Tower with the rest of the team.