The Crimson Hood



The Crimson Hood's weapons

Kat carries a ridiculous amount of weapons on her, especially in costume. Going from her feet up, she has:

-multiple throwing knives tucked into her boots

-a knife sheath on her inner left calf

-two thigh holsters, one of which carries a glock, the other a stun gun (similar tech to the Iron Man suit)

-a belt with a variety of stun grenades, smoke grenades, knives, mini crossbow bolts, etc

-on her left wrist she has a miniature crossbow that folds back down into her wrist communicator

-on her back she has a nearly unnoticeable utility section where she keeps her compact bow and a collection of arrows which she can access by touching the section on her back

-she has a collection of pockets (more like slits tbh) on her arms where she can keep knives or anything else she needs

The Crimson Hood's equipment

Her costume is similar to Black Widow's. It's black and red. The red covers her abdomen and spreads underneath her arms. Everywhere else is black. The material is bullet resistant but not totally bullet proof. She has a mask that she only wears during Avengers missions that's black and covers her mouth and one eye (leaving the eye she uses to aim unmasked). It has a voice modulator that she rarely uses. The final part of her costume is a crimson coloured hood. She has a variety of equipment, mostly weapons of all sorts. When she moves into the tower, she gets a tech upgrade from Tony Stark. He gives her an upgraded wrist communicator and increases the mobility of the material her suit is made of.

No equipment or weapons connected to The Crimson Hood