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The Benevolent Born

A Comics collection created by BALATRON

Collector BALATRON
Type Comics
About The Benevolent Born are a team of heros From all walks of life and from all over the omniverse and earth-237. This team Is made up of The best and the brightest, These are among the most powerful and adept fighters, their skill sets far exceed the average superhuman. The Benevolent Born only accept Prodigy's and Heros who have defeated their Arch Enemy. This is a feat that many superheros take many lifetimes to achieve and some never get the chance to at all. Once a member has been accepted they can choose to fight alone or alongside another member. They Fight in the shadows to restore light and seek out Evil doers in order to restore some form of balance. They arent abstained form killing but they usually prefer methods that all can approve of no matter how hard as these are the heros necessary to remain in the public eye to represent us when and where others can not. If a member refuses to live by this code of morals and ethics they will be banished and marked a Bastioned Soul.

Collection items

Bonshin Burion Gerira
Cranos The Bold Carlton Stiles
Cranos The Bold
Herald Above All Atarashī Kami
Herald Above All