The Bastioned Souls


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The Bastioned Souls are a group of neutral anti-hero types. They Are everything from powered individuals to Street Level Vigilantes. They Mostly perform Their activities under the cover of night with extreme tactical prowess. The members of this team have been banished from the Benevolent Born for their methods where it is easier for others to turn the other cheek Bastioned souls do not hesitate or hold back in their quest for justice! They will resort to any and all means when persecuting their enemies and doers of evil. To become a member of the team you must not only defeat your arch enemy and become a member of The benevolent Born but you must complete a special kill list in a time limit using specific methods. This list was created by the first member to descend into the rank , The Blue Marauder Formed this group and only he creates the kill lists. Each list will involve The tracking, capture, Exposure and elimination of a given target using specific methods. Targets on this list include everyone from a low life drug dealer, to a pedophile or even a corrupt congressman. No one is safe unless saved and no one who harms gets away from the Bastioned Souls.
The Bastioned Souls