Thanos's weapons

Stasis Rifle

An experimental weapon capable of generating a cube of pure force, which envelops the target and places them into near-complete physical stasis. This stasis cube was capable of holding the insane, power-gem enhanced Thunder-God Thor. The experimental version of this weapon carried charge enough for only one blast.

Infinity Gauntlet (previously)

A gauntlet specifically designed to hold the Infinity Gems. With this item, he is nigh omnipotent.

Space Gem, Soul Gem, Reality Gem, Power Gem, Time Gem, Mind Gem

Thanos's equipment

Robotic Drones

Thanos has designed several different types of robotic drones to serve his needs. These drones carry out many functions, including maintenance, manual labor, record-keeping, and security. These robots come in many shapes and sizes dependent on their purpose.

Time Machine

a.k.a. Time Probe.


Thanos has access to his own fleet of starships which have included:

Space Throne, Sanctuary, Dreadnaught-666, Demeter