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Tenma Ootake

Shinza Banshou

Tenma Ootake's powers and abilities


Sorcery of the old world that allows them to uses souls as power.


Midgardr Völsunga Saga

Fists that can destroy and erase anything with history in a single hit.


Mugen Kokutosho Jigoku

Tenma Ootake’s Taikyoku, where his very essence has become the depth of pure nothingness, and is required to wear armor to restrict it. If his helmet were to ever be removed, those who look into his eyes will meet their end, regardless if they are abstract, acasual or something similar. Even with his helmet on, his fists still carry the existence erasing properties of his Taikyoku. Like Yakou Madara, he is even capable of erasing his own concept of death, allowing to survive anything and making him virtually unkillable unless killed by a more superior being than himself. Without the armor,his sight will hit and kill utilizing the power that Yato have,becoming Yato's equal via his nature and connection to the latter.


Ootake's Kamunagara takes form of a three headed tiger, capable of emit a destructive light to the enemy. Its inner world is glass walls filled with sand. Anyone who touch it will immediately die



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers