Team JuggernautvsTeam War Machine II

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Team Juggernaut vs Team War Machine II
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Team War Machine II Gladiator(full conf) VS Onslaught
Quill(X-Men 3) VS Wally West
Reptile(MK) VS Blanka(SF)
War Machine VS Hulk
Astro Boy VS The Blob
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aajayunlimited 1 y 9 mo 9 d
Team Juggernaut vs Team War Machine II
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Team War Machine II 1. Onslaught wins, because, before Gladiator gets going good, he gets Xaviered and forced to fight for Team 2. Flash is nearly the fastest one there is, but how does he deal with Quill. It's not like he can move as fast as he does and hit Quill with those quills being in between the punches and Quill's body. It would far, far intensify the injures. Plus, I think Quill can release his quills. I say Quill pulls that one off. It's like trying to get a rose off of a rosebush without taking care of the thorns first, only far, far worse. Am I making sense? If you are human and low superhuman, then Quill will provide huge problems unless they have guns, armor/shield, tough skin, thick padding, and/or have powers that attack with range(Johnny Storm, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Green Lantern, etc.). Unless you can do those things against Quill or are moderately superhuman or better, he's dealing out RBI's, really bad injuries(and so discouraging that you no longer want to fight anymore). Technically, he has a chance with anybody lower than than medium-high superhuman. With Gladiator being commandeered and Flash out of the way, Team 2 wins.

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