Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander


Supreme Commander's powers and abilities


The Supreme Commander has all knowledge of past, present, and future. She can know the solution to anything if she so wants it. She has incredible wisdom even without Omniscience and is a master in battle strategy and is good with words. She usually tries to avoid information that could put the universe or even the multiverse at risk and hides it from herself. She loves to solve puzzles even without using her Omniscience, but if she wants to, she can figure out the solution to any problem with ease.

Superhuman Senses

The Supreme Commander's senses are enhanced to a degree where she can see across galaxies and even universes if she tries and she can hear across dimensions and realms. This allows her to have an ability known as the "All-Sight" which basically means she can see everything and anything if she so chooses. She can hear people calling to her for help even if she is thousands of light-years away. She can even "smell" death and stop it using magic.

Superhuman Strength

The Supreme Commander has superhuman strength allowing her to lift up to 400 tons with ease, and she can even make that number higher throughout the use of magic. She can hit hard enough to harm cosmic level beings such as Gorgon.

Superhuman Speed

The Supreme Commander can travel at speeds much greater than the Speed-of-Light. She has traveled a couple trillion times the speed of light and she has even matched Hermes before for a while. She has also caught speedsters off guard and has fought and defeated powerful opponents within nanoseconds.

Immortality and Durability

The Supreme Commander isn't fully immortal but she has proved resistant to the death-touch from Hades. She can live forever as long as she isn't killed by a cosmic being or god. She is also invulnerable and heals extremely fast if she is harmed. She has healed entire body parts including limbs and organs extremely quickly. She is also immune to poisons, toxins, disease, and fatigue.


Supreme Commander has some magical attacks and some abilities that are seen as magic, although not all of it is magic. She can go into her astral form, trap people on the astral plane, create illusions, manipulate matter to a certain degree, cure uncurable diseases, heal injuries, grant powers, absorb powers, see everything around her at once, speak any language, time-travel, and create force-fields that are immune to molecular manipulation and reality warping.