Superion's History

Solomon Cruz or Sim-Tux is the earth’s greatest champion and the defender of justice

At Keplon, Sim-Tux was born by the Keplonian Military Soldier named Kom-Tux and his wife, the Keplonian Scientist named Jena Sym-Tux. When he was 5, His home was under attack by an unknown alien force. He escaped and lived by the attack, His Parents tell him to take the Escape Pod to earth to save himself. When he got to earth, Sim-Tux landed on the snowy mountains with the secret sanctuary called the House of Stellar. His father told him that he was here for a reason, to use his powers to protect the earth from the threats that are coming. And now... Serenis have a new hero, the defender of truth and justice and hope. He became..... SUPERION.


Superion is highly inspired by Superman (DC Comics), Hyperion (Marvel Comics), Sentry (Marvel Comics), Samaritan (Astro City), and also Mister Majestic (Wildstorm).