Superhero/ Villain Freestyles

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This I made this really just for myself to have fun but if you want to make one it's alright by me as long as it follows these guidelines:
1. No profanity of any kind or any non-family friendly content.
2. It has to be about a superhero/villain and cannot contain other users in anyway.
3. The only replies can be ones strictly about the rap itself not the user, and no insults or inappropriate language.


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Superhero/ Villain Freestyles
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Nightwing vs Red Hood vs Damian Wayne Rap Battle-
Damian- Who's bright idea was it to put me up against you LOSERS, I'm the youngest of the Robins but the hardest of the BRUISERS, the heir to the thrown of Bruce WAYNE and Todd I can understand you being slow after Joker gave you that MIGRAINE, must have left a bad mark because now you hide your FACE, now to dispatch of this Dick over here with GRACE, and it'll pay in DIVIDEND, so after I have you slip up, try not to break your neck AGAIN.
Red Hood: Aww, little Damian thinks that he can SPIT, but sadly you're nothing more than a spoiled little ****, with an over compensating EGO, it's the Red Hood and both of you are under me I've equaled Bats blasts you both to pieces with my desert EAGLES unremorseful killing SPREE, the two of you and Tim could never equal the one of ME, Barbra would have been a more equal REPLACEMENT, I made a living on my own top of the pyramid while ya'll still in the BASEMENT.
Nightwing: You can't best the ORIGINAL, your pyramid is a lying scheme, because it's Grayson at the PINNACLE, living in my shadow like Ras Al GUAL, Bats hand picked me you accident so you look just like a FOOL, bad mouthing to your superior will get you smacked up Damian I'm more of his son than you will ever BE, and Todd you aren't even an honorable mention so don't you ever come for ME, I am a Titan and a member of the LEAGUE, you're cheap replicas, far below my PEDIGREE.