Beast Of The Night

Subject-11's History

The being designated as "Subject-11" is a highly dangerous humanoid entity with a striking resemblance to the human form. Reports indicate that it stands at a towering height, with an unnaturally long and lanky build. Its skin is described as pale and smooth, with no discernible features, save for a pair of dark, sunken eyes that seem to penetrate into the very soul of those who meet its gaze.

Subject-11 is known to frequent the ancient forest known as the "Forest of Immortality," where it has been observed to stalk and hunt human beings. Witnesses report a sense of overwhelming dread and fear in its presence, with some claiming to have been paralyzed by an inexplicable force while in its company.

Despite numerous attempts to capture and contain Subject-11, it has proven to be highly elusive and difficult to track. Its movements are swift and stealthy, and it seems to have an innate ability to avoid detection by any means available.

While the full extent of Subject-11's abilities is not fully understood, it is known to possess a potent form of mind control, capable of manipulating the thoughts and actions of those it comes into contact with. Additionally, its physical strength and speed are far beyond that of any human, making it a formidable opponent in any confrontation.

As with all anomalous entities, extreme caution is advised when dealing with Subject-11. It is highly recommended that any sightings or encounters be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately, and that all attempts to interact with it be avoided at all costs.