Don’t Look Into The Eyes

Subject-0's History

File ID: #0-081

Access Level: 5

Classification: Top Secret

Entity Name: Subject-0 (AKA: Don't Look Into the Eyes)


Subject-0, commonly referred to as "Don't Look Into The Eyes," was discovered in 2021 in an undisclosed location. The entity appears as a statue of an angel with its hands covering its eyes. It exhibits anomalous activity that is triggered when direct eye contact is attempted with the statue.

Physical Description:

Subject-0 appears as a statue of an angel, approximately 3 meters in height, sculpted from a black, marble-like substance. Its design is reminiscent of Gothic-era craftsmanship. The statue's most notable feature is its hands, which are positioned over its eyes as if in an act of weeping or hiding its gaze.

Behavior and Abilities:

Subject-0 remains in a static state until an individual attempts to make direct eye contact with the statue, at which point the hands covering its eyes briefly move to reveal its gaze. Individuals who have reportedly looked into the eyes of Subject-0 have experienced a variety of effects, ranging from severe hallucinations to complete memory loss or, in extreme cases, permanent psychosis.

Interaction Protocol:

Under no circumstances should any personnel attempt to make direct eye contact with Subject-0. All interactions with Subject-0 require Level 5 clearance and must be performed using appropriate safety measures, including indirect viewing methods. Subject-0 should remain in a secure, isolated containment area at all times to prevent accidental eye contact.

History and Containment Efforts:

Subject-0 was discovered in an undisclosed location in 2021. After a series of incidents and subsequent containment breaches, it was moved to a specially designed containment facility. The facility was equipped with non-reflective surfaces and remote handling capabilities to prevent any direct eye contact with the entity.

Notable Incidents:

Incident 0-14: A junior researcher accidentally made direct eye contact with Subject-0 during a routine check, leading to a full memory wipe. The researcher could not recall any events prior to the incident.

Incident 0-26: During a containment breach, multiple personnel were exposed to Subject-0's gaze, resulting in widespread hallucinations and two personnel being rendered permanently psychotic.

Additional Notes:

The true nature and purpose of Subject-0 remain a mystery. Its ability to affect the human psyche simply through eye contact makes it one of the most dangerous non-physical threats we currently contain. Despite its static, unassuming form, the potential for psychological harm necessitates strict adherence to containment procedures.