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Sticky Man

Sticky Man

Daniel Sullivan

Sticky Man's weapons

The Fusën Staff

This Staff is able to destroy Continents with one thought. It's able to block galactic level power.

Axe of Támëñ

The Axe is sorta of a power multiplier. It increases stickymans power by 45% and every time he gets a drop of blood on it . It increases 1.5 percent in power for every drop of lookalikes by it.

Sword of Víşatä

The sword has the capability of shooting flames . It also can make storms .

Brëllen Spear

The spear can fly through space in seconds . It has the destructive ability to destroy worlds .

Dzëm Bow

The bow and arrow are very powerful. The arrows lock on to their target and He never missed it. It has taken damage from Universal beings

Dagger of Mekãizmët

This dagger is a useful weapon. Though not as powerful as any of the other weapons he can use it to control his power .

Scythe of Sançuśśi

The Scythe is probably his most powerful weapon . Being able to take the life out of anything it is able to kill universal beings. It slices right through any armor no matter how powerful .

Hammer of Päçkên

The hammer is indestructible . It's able to shatter planets with a single slam . Only Sticky People can wield it .

These are the Seven Deadly Weapons of the Stickyman.

Sticky Man's equipment

No equipment or weapons connected to Sticky Man