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Stick (MCU)

Stick (MCU)


Stick (MCU)'s powers and abilities

Enhanced Senses

Born blind, Stick gained extremely accurate senses through lifelong training. His awareness can used to perfectly navigate through complex environments and tracked down people with great ease. He taught this method to his student Matt Murdock.

Enhanced Hearing

Stick's hearing is highly refined and allows him to identify the people around him. His hearing, however, seems to be somewhat less acute than Murdock's, due to Stick having to ask the latter about the exact number of men that Nobu Yoshioka had brought with him. Nevertheless, his hearing is sharp enough to tell that Murdock had arrived in his location and Hand ninjas were no longer using their swords despite being considerably far away.

Enhanced Smell

Stick's olfactory senses are highly keen, allowing him to smell quite a few things that are unnoticed by normal people. He managed to identify a resurrected Elektra solely from her scent.

Enhanced Touch

Stick can feel the presence of those around him supposedly through vibrations and air currents, although the exact nature of his awareness is undetermined. He could predict attacks by feeling the air pressure generated from a young Murdock's punches.

Enhanced Balance

His sense of balance has notably been improved from lifelong training. He was able to jump down from several feet, landing perfectly and without any injury, kill the Hand ninjas attacking Daredevil and Elektra.

Master Martial Artist

Stick is a immensely skilled and experienced martial artist, even at the advanced age of 90, he remains an extremely dangerous warrior. Both Matt Murdock and Elektra would later become highly skilled combatants themselves under Stick's tutelage. Using his enhanced senses, Stick is constantly aware of his opponents. Most of the time, Stick uses timing, and only needs a minimum amount of movement to dodge or subdue his opponents with lightning fast reflexes. During an intense one-on-one fight with Murdock, Stick initially appeared to have the upper hand against his former student and mocked Murdock, though Stick did ultimately end up losing the fight. He also held his own during a brief confrontation with Elektra, but was again seemingly defeated before Matt interrupted it. Even when bound by handcuffs to a post, Stick easily took down both a resurrected Elektra and Alexandra Reid, disarming them of their weapons with a well coordinated headbutt and kicks.

Master Swordsman

Stick is extremely skilled in the use of swords,with his katana he is able to swiftly slice off Aito's hand before the latter could react, and decapitated Nobu Yoshioka in the same manner. He also managed to cut down multiple highly skilled Hand ninjas while saving Daredevil and Elektra.

Staff Mastery

Stick is also highly skilled in using sticks in combat. He trained Matt Murdock in stick fighting to impressive skills as well.

Master Marksman: Despite his blindness, Stick was shown to be highly skilled with a bow and a crossbow, able to hit Black Sky with an arrow from a considerable distance, and to shoot down multiple Hand ninjas while himself being in a fast-moving car. When popping a beer, Stick was able to make the cap bounce multiple times, before it ended in the trash can.

Master Physcian

Stick is extremely knowledgeable in using remedies to heal even fatal injuries, as when Elektra was seriously wounded and badly poisoned by the Hand, Stick created an unorthodox antidote out of toilet bowl cleaner, whisky and baking soda to effectively neutralize the deadly poison that infected her bloodstream, the method while very painful, was still effective and able relieve her of the poison and heal her wounds.


Stick speaks both English and Japanese fluently.


Stick is a master of meditation, he regularly meditate to restore his health and vitality.


Stick has a functional understanding of people enough to break down their self-doubt, and train them in both body and mind. Stick's training is a tough love discipline that extols the virtue of inner strength, and rejects sentimentality.