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Stick (MCU)

Stick (MCU)


Stick (MCU)'s weapons


Stick was trained in wielding and using a katana sword; he used one to sever Aito's hand, cut down many Hand ninjas, and decapitate Nobu Yoshioka. Upon his capture, Stick managed to disarm Alexandra Reid and amputate his right hand to escape execution and continued to wield it throughout his battles with the Hand, ultimately killed by Elektra.

Bow and Arrow

Stick has yielded a bow and, despite his blindness, kill the Black Sky that was transported into New York City.


Stick has yielded a crossbow to shoot down multiple, pursuing Hand ninjas.

Stick (MCU)'s equipment


Upon being questioned about its use by Luke Cage, Stick explained that he used incenses to aid in his meditation. Later, the incense managed to subdue Cage and Danny Rand without resistance.

No equipment or weapons connected to Stick (MCU)