Husk Foreign


Husk Foreign AKA StiathHusk Foreign was born on Kareon after his parents fled from Apokolips. His parents, however, were eventually tracked down by one that called himself, Heritage. Heritage feared that Husk would become a force that he himself couldn't stop. He killed his parents and Husk as a toddler. Heritage had finally finished his task, or at least he thought he did. Husk’s body decompo... read more

Power Stats

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Full name Husk Foreign
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Judge of the Eerie, The Offspring of Extinction, The Manipulator of Fear
Place of birth Kareon
First appearance Last of Extinction #4
Creator Dan_Tha_Man
Alignment Bad


Base Kareon (Post New Extinction)
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Other unknown New Gods reproduced him, but were later killed off. No known relatives.


Gender Male
Type / Race New God
Height 5'11 • 180 cm
Weight 168 lb • 76 kg
Eye color Green
Hair color No Hair
Skin color Black


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