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Stephanie Powell

Stephanie Powell

Stephanie Powell

No Ordinary Family

Stephanie Powell's History

As Global Tech's newest (and youngest!) Executive Vice President of Research, Stephanie finds herself wishing for more hours in the day, rushing from an 80-hour work-week to get home to her husband and children. While she loves her career, she can't help but miss spending important time with her family. Unfortunately, it's getting worse every day, with the kids old enough to have their own lives and Jim increasingly feeling disconnected from her. Caught between supporting her family financially and supporting them emotionally, Stephanie is at a loss with how to fix the situation.

When Jim suggests turning Stephanie's research trip into a family vacation, she's all for it. Until the plane crashes in the Amazon, and Stephanie finds herself moving faster than ever. Armed with her new super speed, Stephanie discovers she can do everything, and still be home in time to cook dinner for the family.

But where did these powers come from? And what are the ultimate consequences in having them? Those are the questions that plague Stephanie, and as the scientist, she approaches the powers with caution, determined to discover their origin and protect her family.