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Latest comments

Voted: Living Tribunal

Who comes up with these dogshit battles?
Voted: Black Panther

Batman isn't better hand to hand. Black Panther beat Daredevil, who Shang Chi said was the best hand to hand fighter in the Marvel universe. Even if Bats is better H2H, he ain't gettinf through that Vibrainum suit Panther has. Plus the heart shaped herb gives Pather an edge in almost every conceivable category.
156 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Justice League

Flash could about solo this. Supes, Flash, and Diana are plenty.
Voted: Thanos

Superman is by far my favorite character, and I show absolutely no bias, but come on. With the gauntlet Thanos obviously stomps. Without the gauntlet, Thanos wins 8/10 times.
Voted: Captain America

How in the world is Caps strength at 50 when Batman's is at 50? Steve is literally a super soldier. He's stronger than Batman. Batman is a better martial artist, and smarter, but Cap is stronger, and faster. I'll take Cap 6/10 times. It's close tho.
Voted: Superman

I hate this prep-time bullshit. If this is a random encounter, Superman wins. Easy. If Kal just woke up one day and decided "**** Batman" there's not a single thing Bruce could do about it. Hard to react when Superman moves faster than Batsy can think. Supes for the win.
Voted: Superman

Magic isn't a weakness of Superman. He's just vulnerable to it. Much like a plethora of other characters. Their strength is about even, but Superman is quicker, and faster. I'm taking Superman 6/10 times.

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