John Irons


Steel's weapons

Kinetic Hammer

His current hammer has the ability to increase it's kinetic energy the farther away it is thrown. At a distance up to 20 yards, it can stop a car, 30 yards, a truck, 60 yards, a tank, at distances greater than 60 yards, its destructive capacity rivals that of Superman for damage dealing capabilities.

Rivet Cannon

This short range weapon has fired red-hot rivets similar to those used in construction.

Steel's equipment

Steel Power Armor

Steel's powers vary in accordance with what hardware is currently available to him. He has modified the original weapons systems and suit several times since its debut and continues to refine its abilities. With his engineering, physics and ballistics knowledge, it is conceivable that the suit may potentially possess even greater power in the future.

Jet Boots

With what are probably his greatest creations, the flight protocols for his armor are every engineers dream. The distance that can be traveled before refueling is unknown but Steel has made a documented trip of at least 1,500 miles before touching down again. It has been determined, by observation, that Steel can reach speeds just short of the speed of sound, which is 700+ miles per hour.