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Steel Serpent (MCU)

Steel Serpent (MCU)


Steel Serpent (MCU)'s powers and abilities

Master Martial Artist

Davos had been intensively trained by his father, Lei Kung in K'un-Lun ever since childhood as one of the potential candidates to become the next Iron Fist. Davos is an extremely skilled master of Kung Fu, he could assist Danny Rand fighting the Hand together. He could even fight evenly with Rand himself. His fighting style is identical to Rand and is composed of Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Wushu, and the Dragon and Snake-style Kung Fu but more aggressive in comparison as he could efficiently disarm his enemies of weapons and violently used it against them. His skill in combat seems to have slightly improved further over time as at first Rand could beat him with some effort, but since reappearing in New York City, Rand had to fight at the absolute height of his ability the first two times almost ended in failure.

Master Marksman

Davos is shown to be a master marksman with his origami aluminum shurikens and throwing knives.

Master Acrobat

Davos has occasionally shown some acrobatic skills during his fights with the hand such as using a tucking side flip to kick down a Hand warrior.