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Battles created by Starwarsfanboynotbiased

Team 1 Team 2
The Chosen OneTeam Arishem The Judge8 mo 198603
The Waru (SWL)Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)7 mo 8101
The Chosen OneTeam Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666)8 mo 6101
The Supreme Maker (SWL)One Above All & The One-Above-All8 mo 8001
The Father Of MortisTeam Wutzek (SWL)7 mo 11501
Team Lord Nyax (SWL)Team Darth Sidious (Dark Empire) (SWL)7 mo 3100
The Son Of Mortis (SWL)Team Wutzek (SWL)7 mo 5200
The Father Of Shadows (SWL) & Typhojem (SWL)Superman7 mo 2200