Star Storms vs Heartstone vs Lionman

Created by ManofPower, 3 y 3 mo 9 d ago.

What would happen if these three were to get in a fight . Who would win ?
round one - Base Forms (primal one for Lionman)
Round two - Bloodlust Storms vs Primal 3 Lionman vs Pre-armageddon Heartstone
Round Three - Ancestral vs Pyro vs Darkstone
Fight is on a indestructible planet
Right is until K.O
No speed blitz or warping reality
1 hour of prep
Get ready ....... FIGHT


ManofPower 3 y 1 mo 21 d
Star Storms vs Heartstone vs Lionman
42 months member
I would like to bring this back
Three of the most popular OCS fight .
New Ruled . Not only are we going to fight with them we are going to compare them completely .
I'm Mop and well compare their Bio , Power and Skills to see who would win a deathbattle
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TheNemianLion 3 y 1 mo 12 d
Star Storms vs Heartstone vs Lionman
57 months member
Lionman wins