Evan Daniels

Spyke's powers and abilities

Bone Manipulation

He can manipulate his bones to create a wide range of effects.

  • Bone Spikes
    He can extend his melee range with bones much harder than regular human bone extended out of his body, they are usually used as melee weapons.
  • Projectile Spikes
    He can launch spikes made out of bones that are much harder than regular human bone from apparently anywhere from his body. He usually launched them from either his arms or his stomach.
  • Burning Spikes
    He was later able to heat the tips of his spikes to the point where they are almost flaming, making him a very powerful, very dangerous warrior.
  • Self-Repairing Exoskeleton/Bone Armor
    He originally just grew a bunch of bone spikes over his body. Then later created a self-repairing exoskeleton made out of spiked, armor plated bones that can defend against very powerful attacks that regular human bone couldn't defend against. The armor is very dinosaur-like in appearance.


Another use for his bone spikes was to climb up walls by growing bone spikes from his feet.

Enhanced Strength

His strength is almost twice that of an average human, it's likely a result of hardening his bones.

Possible Healing Factor

He also probably has an accelerated healing rate to seal the wounds, caused by projecting his spikes, with no visible scarring.