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Spike's powers and abilities

Enhanced vampire abilities

Spike had the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire; he was immortal, regenerated damage, possessed superhuman physical attributes, and had heightened senses, able to track people by scent alone. He was also vulnerable to holy items and sunlight, could be killed by decapitation and a stake to the heart needed to regularly ingest mammal blood to maintain his vitality, and could not enter the residence of a living human without being invited by a resident. Due to his advanced age, however, he was considerably more powerful than an average vampire; he could flip over a car when angered, punch through an opponent's torso , drain and hide the bodies of two fully grown men in a few seconds without alerting the girl they were walking with, block an oncoming blade from hitting his back by grabbing his foe and swinging her 90 degrees to the path of the blade before it could finish traveling, and survive a bomb explosion. He could even regenerate from spinal damage quickly but pretended to be paralyzed to get on Angelus' blindside. Also, he was more resistant to sunlight and holy items than most vampires, once using a large cross as a bludgeoning weapon against Angel and withstanding the pain even with it burning his hands.

Advanced combat

Spike was famous for having killed two Slayers. Buffy even once went as far as referring to him as the strongest fighter the Scoobies have during their fight against the First. Spike was a highly skilled and versatile fighter in both armed and unarmed combat. For example, he was able to briefly overcome Illyria during testing of her abilities when she is at the height of her powers; however, he had been training with her for months and had adapted to her abilities so others could have achieved this as well if given the time Spike had. Illyria criticizes his (and others’) ability to adapt, calling it "compromise."

Like Angel, Spike was proficient in various forms of martial arts, and his typical fighting style blends Judo, Karate, Kung-Fu, and others. It’s also likely he would have knowledge of Taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu, being able to discern them both as the fighting styles that Illyria had proficiency in, as well as Street-fighting and Boxing.


Spike often displayed insight and skills in observation and perception, especially with regard to relationships and personalities, so long as the relationship in question doesn’t concern him personally. This ability allows him to wield powerful psychological weapons as easily and effectively as physical ones. For example, when he wants to create disharmony among the Scoobies, Spike divides-and-conquers by exploiting tensions that exist under the surface to turn Buffy and her friends against each other. He explains to Buffy that he was able to defeat two Slayers because he sensed and exploited their secret desires to be free of their burden. Spike’s skills of analysis allowed him to be the first to see through Tara’s abusive and controlling family, forced Buffy and Angel to admit that they were more than "just friends," and to identify when and why some relationships, such as that between Buffy and Riley, are not meant to last, feeding Riley’s insecurities in an effort to sabotage his relationship with Buffy so that Spike can pursue her. His analytical skills also help him in battle from time to time; for example, he identified Illyria’s fighting style as a Tae Kwon Do/Brazilian Ninjitsu hybrid.

Although capable of developing sound battle strategies, Spike (particularly in the days before receiving his chip and being ensouled) often loses patience with anything more complicated than outright attack:

He is also impatient to fight the Slayer upon his initial arrival in Sunnydale; the attack is supposed to coincide with the Night of Saint Vigeous, but he "couldn’t wait" to go after the Slayer and attacks the night before, which results in the deaths of many vampires of the Order of Aurelius. However, Spike did exercise patience when he was confined to a wheelchair after a brutal battle with the Scoobies left him paraplegic for several months. Feigning weakness, he endured tortuous weeks watching Angelus sexually pursue Drusilla as he waited for the right time to strike against his rival.

Much like Angel, Spike, presumably due to his long lifetime, often displays in-depth knowledge of different demon species and other supernatural beings, being aware of Rack and surprised at Willow’s trips to his place[109] and also knowing that Wolfram & Hart represents "the worst evil in the universe." Spike has also proven to be far more intelligent than others give him credit for; for example, he quickly realizes that Angel and Twilight are one and the same.

Spike’s vampire constitution provides him with an extremely high tolerance for alcohol (which he regularly consumes in copious quantities).

Technical skills

Spike is significantly more competent and comfortable with modern technology than Angel, as his knowledge allowed him to turn an old crypt in a Sunnydale cemetery into a comfortable home with cable television electricity.

Criminal and motorist skills

With his experience in criminal activities, he is skilled at picking locks, hotwiring cars, and pick-pocketing. He's also capable of easily operating various vehicles, such as various cars, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a Winnebago

He has also been shown using video game systems and a computer, treating injuries, and playing poker and pool.


Spike can speak Latin, Luganda (a language of Uganda, where he meets the demon shaman), and the language of Fyarl Demons.