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1+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

Suits are more spiders area and there's no prep.
1+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

Spiderman is as smart faster stronger more agile has better reflexes is more durable and has more powers Spiderman 7-9 out of 10.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Doctor Doom

*Doctor Strange vs Doctor Fate
*Sentry vs Superman
*Thor vs Wonder Woman*
Blue Marvel vs Martian Manhunter*
*Doctor Doom vs Steel
*Scarlet Witch vs Red Tornado
END:5-2 team doom
1+ years member.
He is on par with Thor!!!
1+ years member.
Voted: Iron Man

RAAAAHHH most of my earliest points were invalid but the iron legion one stands plus iron man could do something like what he did to th s3ntry (hacking a helicarrier and smashing it into his face (that would not ok super though)
1+ years member.
Voted: Thor

Wha you said except when Superman makes it to the sun Thor has held a casual conversation in the center of the sun so he would just follow him to the sun and use his god blast.
1+ years member.
Voted: Thanos

Darkseid has literally no advantages over the mad Titian.
1+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

In the comics Spider-Man's won almost every time , with the exception of the first time they met and World War Hulk.
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

Morals on or off?
1+ years member.
Voted: Avengers

In my earlier analysis I forgot about flash who would probably get beat by Thor who's faster than the speed of light while Thor fighting Superman.