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I love Japanese superheroes and PC gaming.

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I just made a new hero, Nuke Paragon. Could he be killed by Fire Damon?
where does Forceful Blue stand?
He's not called One Punch Man, that's the title of the anime. It's Caped Baldy.
Because I started this talking about MCU Spider-Man, and not any other Spider-Man.
And aren't we talking about MCU Spider-Man, not the comics?
Seriously, how is this turning into a flame war in my opinion?! Can't we just stop fighting, and make peace already? I just wanted Spider-Man from MCU's greatest feat of strength acknowledged, not a 1v1v1 flame war! I didn't want this! :T
Seriously, I didn't know the chat filter would literally change my numbers. I still don't get why You think Spider-Man didn't get superpowers from that genetically enhanced spider. He just went insane?! How could you come up with that?! Is that some sort of conspiracy theory? I dont get it. 😜
Aaand I forgot to make this a reply. Dang it.
I literally said MCU Spidey's top strength feat, is six million four hundred thousand pounds. That chat filter screwed over my calculations.
OOOOH! IT'S the dumb chat filter messing with me!
Nuke Paragon