Peter Porker



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Spider Pig is better
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Equipment: web shooters
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History: Spider- ham was born a spider and name peter, a teenage spider.He lived in the basement of scientist May Porker. May was creating goofy inventions such as the first ever atomic hair dryer. She tested it on herself and fainted afterwards. When she fell down she bit spider Peter. It is not clear wether he was turned into a pig with the abilities of a spider or, a spider with the limitations of a pig when he was bit. Spider-ham revived her but May thought she was an old woman. He became a scientific genius and made his own web shooters to replace his natural ones from when he was a spider. He then became spider-ham.
Spider- ham then graduates college and joins The Daily Beagle as a photographer. There he met the hero Steve Mouser as a journalist and who was that Earth's version of captain america. They both teamed up to fight the villain marauder. This caused the creation of Hulk bunny. A villain named bullfrog planned to steal money from famous celebrities. He encountered many more silly foes.
Peter accidentally scared aunt may into a coma. In order to cure her he had to fight Ducktor Doom's mutated vegetable army to find the cure. Afterwards he got a black suit from the bee-yonder . This is a bee version of the beyonder. Spider-ham later gets rid of it because it was to fragile to work with. Peter was later then introduced to Mary Jane Waterbuffalo. Mary Jane learned of his life as spider-man as well and was cheerful about it. He and the shark version of punisher helped take down Doctor Octopussycat. Peter confronted his high school bully Flash Tombenstain Bear. Flash was brainwashed afterwards to join the cult.
Spider-ham was a member of a group of spider-men across the multiverse that teamed up to defeat the inheritors. This group was led by morlun who him and his group killed most of the spider- men. Spider-ham survived the spider-verse storyline and went back to his dimension. After the events of spider-verse he joined the web warriors.
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This is spider-ham's history.