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Battles created by Speedster_Shahm

Team 1 Team 2
Thanos (MCU)Hulk (MCU)59117313
Captain Marvel (MCU)Wonder Woman (DCEU)8928110
Captain Marvel (MCU)Shazam (DCEU)601229
Quicksilver (MCU)The Flash (DCEU)46528
Heart Of The Monster HulkSuperman382528
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Captain America (MCU)383016
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Iron Man (MCU)512105
Ares (DCEU)Thor (MCU)20414
Wonder WomanMedusa19014
Wonder WomanOdin3012
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Batman (DCEU)20002
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Thanos (MCU)19902
Wonder WomanThanos (MCU)18802
Superman (2006)Hulk (2003)29302
Supergirl (CW)Hulk (MCU)27702
Superman (DCEU)World War Hulk10001
World War HulkSuperman (New 52)8001
Wonder Woman (DCEU)The Flash (DCEU)8001
Superman (New 52)Immortal Hulk8001
Team DeadpoolTeam Superman111401