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Speed Force Deathstroke

Speed Force Deathstroke

Slade Wilson

Speed Force Deathstroke's powers and abilities

Most notably, after siphoning off Wallace West Kid Flash's Speed Force Energy to get the Speed Force, Slade could use his Ikon Suit's ability to manipulate Gravity, and his Speed, to controllably time travel.

Later on, Slade would lose his connection to Kid Flash's Speed Force, but would then somehow tap directly into the Speed Force himself. Albeit he seemed to either lose the ability to time travel safely, or just was too distracted to bother to time travel safely. He then got trapped in the Speed Force, gaining awareness on multiple planes, and when he returned, it seemed to have changed his mentality to the point he can't use the Speed Force as much. (Current Deathstroke in the main comics universe is actually still in tune to the Speed Force, but can only seem to use it to speed up his mind.)