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Speed Force Deathstroke

Speed Force Deathstroke

Slade Wilson

Speed Force Deathstroke's History

In an act of desperation to get his deceased son, Grant back, Slade captured the Flash and made him an offer: if Flash uses his powers to go back in time and change the past so Deathstroke's son doesn't die, Slade will quit being Deathstroke. Although tempted by the offer, Wally refuses. Slade then reveals to Wally that he had also captured his cousin, Kid Flash, as a contingency.

Slade later tricks Kid Flash into allowing him to siphon his Speed Force energy from him, temporarily granting Slade vast superhuman speed. Deathstroke uses his newfound power to travel back in time to save his son from dying. After many failed attempts, Slade's speed is shut off when Damian Wayne temporarily stopped Kid Flash's heart, shutting his speed off from the source. Slade is then somehow able to directly tap into the Speed Force directly and enters the Speed Force, attempting once more to change the past. After the Titans realize Slade wouldn't be able to escape the Speed Force on his own, Kid Flash enters the Speed Force in an attempt to save him. Knowing that Kid Flash doesn't know how to get out of the Speed Force either, Flash enters it and pulls both Deathstroke and Kid Flash out.

Now free from the Speed Force, Deathstroke then tells the Titans he seen things in the Speed Force no man should ever see, and that all of them, including him deserve to die. Slade then dropped his mask and claims "Deathstroke is finished.