"Looking at life in retrospect, it's hard to regret Stuck in your ways 'cause hatred is hard to forget Niggas talk all religious trying to barter with death Parts of the flesh wrinkle up while you start to reflect And even though nobody's life is ever perfect You start to wonder if all the pain was really worth it Pondering the purpose of living, the curse that was given Dreaming about freedom and escaping the prison People who pimp children are really raping religion The matrix is fiction placed in a vision But now the technology follows me solemnly Building the future, laws to my philosophy Alzheimers cutting through like a lobotomy Not even the golden arthritis of king Midas Could buy comfort and peace for the righteous I survived disease and political crisis By backstabbing gnomes that are now lifeless And now I live vicariously through my kids Like people who love the sport, but can't play for shit Fighting glaucoma, front the cops taking a hit I slip into a coma, roaming over the planet Leaving the gold and the granite, the old and the famished But just before I vanish as I think I'm right at the end The sun becomes the light of my birth and I live again Yeah nigg*, remember way back when..."

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