John Diggle

Spartan's weapons


John primarily makes use of a pistol, wielding it quite effectively. He also is proficient in using assault rifles, sniper rifles, explosives and grenade launchers. After John became Spartan, he started using a custom pistol fitted with either bullets or darts, as seen when he shot Nyssa al Ghul. It is shown that this weapon has a grapple line that slows descent similar to Oliver's grapple arrows. John often carries a Glock (or two) while in civilian clothing.

Spartan's equipment

Spartan Suit

Before Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak left Starling City, Oliver recommended that John take up some form of identity concealment should he continue to regularly go into the field. John took his advice and had a new suit made for him. The suit seems to a more civilianized form of military armor. It includes a protective chest-plate made of a leather-like material covered by a dark jacket likely made of the same material. The suit also includes dark army pants and boots. The wrists include a device that can unload and load a firearm onto John's hand, allowing him to receive his sidearm quicker and carry more artillery at once.

Spartan Helmet

After Oliver and Felicity left Starling City, John had a new helmet designed for him along with his new suit. The helmet seems to only cover the face and forehead, making it more of a concealment device rather than an actual helmet. The helmet also includes a tinted visor that can be retracted through unknown means. The helmet was later modified by Cisco Ramon, with John putting it on for the first time during Team Arrow's clash with Tobias Church.

Implantable Bio-Stimulant

John had an implantable bio-stimulant designed by Felicity and Curtis Holt implanted into in his right arm to repair nerve damage caused by an explosion on Lian Yu.

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