Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane (2009)

Solomon Kane's History

Solomon Kane was raised a Puritan, a heresy that was actively hunted by the royalty. Faced with this, he chose the traveller's way. Thus, as was natural for an Englishman in those times, he took the sea. Kane travelled extensively in India and China, although his first chronicled adventures took place during one of his episodic returns in England.

During the Religion Wars, Kane was a soldier who chased a brigand called Leloup through Europe. Coming across a dying girl in rural France, Solomon Kane swore to avenge her death by killing the murderer. He tracked him down to his hideout, slaying all of his gang, but Le Loup managed to escape to Africa, where he became the blood brother of chieftain King Songa. Solomon eventually found Le Loup, killing him and the giant Gulka the Gorilla Slayer.

Solomon fought pirates in Barbary and even travelled along with Sir Francis Drake when the great man travelled around the world. Kane became a pirate himself, and then a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition.

Darkest Africa

He escaped and lived for years in darkest Africa, encountering many sinister and strange mysteries while living among the natives. He even became blood brother to a very powerful shaman called N�??longa.

Despite his uneasiness in the presence of the old man�??s magical might, he always respected his wisdom. N�??longa even gave him the staff once owned by Moses and later used by King Solomon to fight the demons.

Albeit Howard�??s tales stop here, some apocryphal stories tell of an encounter in a mystical place with the great warrior Conan, and of fights against Vlad Dracula.