Sally Blevins

Skids's History

Sally's powers manifested as she was being abused by her father. Running away and finding refuge with the Morlocks, she was eventually taken in by X-Factor. Under the guise of the X-Terminators, Skids and other young mutants fought the demon N'astirh during the 'Inferno'. Afterwards she joined the New Mutants and started dating Rusty Collins. Both her and Rusty were captured by the Mutant Liberation Front and brainwashed. Magneto eventually broke them free of their mind control, with the teenagers subsequently joining his Acolytes. Holocaust killed Rusty during his attack on Avalon, the Acolyte space station headquarters, and the following battle with Exodus sent the station plummeting to Earth. Jean Grey was able to magnify Skid's field so they saftely returned to Earth without burning to death upon reentry. Sally recovered at the X-Mansion and soon began studying biology in college. She briefly reunited with her teammates when X-Force needed a place to crash. At the request of Sunspot, Skids joined X-Corporation Los Angeles and was drawn into a fight with telepath Elias Bogan by Storm's X-Men squad.