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Over countless millennia, man has searched for what was not there. Once this was realized, all truths were found.

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Latest comments

1+ years member.
Voted: Green Arrow

Red mixed with green creates reverse flash or Yellowjacket!!!
1+ years member.
Voted: Amazo

During this battle, Amazo would have cosmic power.
1+ years member.
Voted: Goku

I don't understand how Goku can lose during a 1v1 battle against Doctor Strange. Goku at his current state is too OP!!!
1+ years member.
Voted: Juggernaut

I don't want to, but I am looking at the facts here and sadly, Saitama loses this round. 😟
1+ years member.
Voted: Black Bolt

I don't think that One Punch Man be fast enough to punch Black Bolt. Sorry Saitama, this must be one of your many downfalls.
1+ years member.
Voted: One Punch Man

One punch from Saitama and The Thing turns into a pile of rocks. 😀
1+ years member.
Voted: Naruto Uzumaki

I feel like this is a 0/0 situation. Naruto never loses and Saitama never loses. Naruto has better stats and more powers so I might as well chose Naruto.
1+ years member.
Voted: One Punch Man

I personally believe this would be an amazing match. They are almost completely even in terms of stats. I think that Saitama would eventually overpower Darth Maul in some way or another because... he's the 'One Punch Man'.
1+ years member.
Voted: Flash II

Please tell me you're joking... 😕
1+ years member.
Voted: Steppenwolf

Yes, I totally agree with you! General Zod will use his X-Ray vision to find Steppenwolf's heart. Zod will lunge at Steppenwolf to pull out his heart and... oh wait... Steppenwolf is wearing a crapton of armor and Steppenwolf's Combat is greater than Zod's... No, I completely disagree with you...