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Theresa Rourke Cassidy

Siryn's powers and abilities

Siryn possesses sonic powers similar to those of her father Banshee, although she is able to use her powers in ways that he apparently cannot.She possesses an enhanced sense of hearing and sonar.While screaming Siryn is able to fly, most likely around Mach 1.Siryn has especially potent sonic attacks. She can shatter objects, project sonic force, or cause pain and unconsciousness.Siryn is able to subtly influence and control others with her sonics as well as cause them to enter a trancelike state. This ability likens her to the mythical Sirens.Siryn has recently shown the ability to also block out others from hearing sounds so that she can secretly deliver messages.

Strength Level

80 kg • 176 lb

Super Powers

Enhanced HearingFlightSonarSonic Scream