Sir Thorr

Sir Thorr

Syre Carmhuhkk

Sir Thorr's powers and abilities

Powers and Abilities

List of Powers - Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration (High-Low), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 3), Flight, Longevity, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Weather Control


Power Stats

Feats: Strength & Durability - Tanked a blast that could have obliterated a moon but he also managed to output the same amount of force.

- Drew blood from Nemean and even managed to knock him out before.

- Was stated to be equal to if not slightly superior to Nemean in strength.

- Broke Amaryi's arm: for reference, Amaryi's has survived having a black hole transmuted INTO his flesh with enough mass to possibly consume the universe not to mention Amaryi has arms strong enough to help pull the earth out of orbit.

- He hit the actual Thor (weakened) hard enough to cause an earthquake that nearly crushed Manhattan.

- Took a full-on blast of heat vision from Cheetahboy.

- Physically held back attacks from Math Monster and put him in a choke-hold.

- Survived being hit by lightning by Thor which was able to overwhelm a demon able to absorb energy from a star.

- He was able to shrug off blows from Nemean as if they were nothing.

- He took attacks from Amaryi with no lasting damage.

- Was fine after being punched into space by Cheetahgirl.

- Kept on fighting after being impaled through the chest with Gungnir.

- Tanked a magical energy blast from Amethyst Priscilla which burned an unnamed demi-god into ashes.

- Sir Thorr was hit by several nuclear bombs and was unharmed.

- He was hit by his own warhammar by a demonic troll amped by the fires of Hel and got up fine (this warhammar has split moons and planets apart as well as broke the ribs of a weakened Cheetahkid).

Speed - He threw his warhammer and it managed to hit a flying Hermes out of the air (Hermes has kept up with speedsters who have traveled through time and he was stated to be faster than Cheetahboy who can not only fly quadrillions if not quintillions of times the speed of light but even keep up in combat down to picoseconds and possibly even attoseconds, stating and being scaled by an extra-dimensional entity who said that his speed was immeasurable)

- Sir Thorr kept up with Thor for a while.

- Sir Thorr dodged an arrow capable of traveling at sub-relativistic speeds.

- Syre was able to tackle Cheetahkid and even hit faster than Nemean.

Healing - Healed from burns so powerful that the fires that created them literally burned the Valkyrie to ash and they were powerful enough to dampen Loki's spells and even knock out an alternate version of Loki.

- He was able to heal after having both his kidneys turned into metal.

- Poison cannot affect him as his healing automatically overrides it. Same with other toxins, disease, or even fatigue.