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BatgirlBarbara Gordon8
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Darth VaderAnakin Skywalker11
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
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ElectroMaxwell Dillon7
Flash IIBarry Allen16
Flash IIIWally West8
Green GoblinNorman Osborn10
Green LanternHal Jordan14
Harley QuinnHarley Quinn8
Iron ManTony Stark14
JokerJack Napier10
Killer CrocWaylon Jones4
Lex LuthorLex Luthor10
LuigiLuigi Mario-
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12
Mace WinduMace Windu-
Mega ManRock Man-
Mister FreezeVictor Fries7
MysterioQuentin Beck8
NightwingDick Grayson8
Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi-
Poison IvyPamela Isley10
Robin IIITim Drake7
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
StormOroro Munroe8
ThorThor Odinson30
VenomEddie Brock9
War MachineJames Rhodes12
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17

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2+ years member.
Voted: Iron Man

Spider-Man CAN beat Iron Man even though it is unlikely. He has done that before in the comics. Only advantages Spidey has are speed, agility, reflexes and spider sense. However Iron Man is much stronger, more durable and armed with high tech weapons and can fly so Iron Man should win most of the time but not always.

Spider-Man is not weak. He is a 25 tonner and can hold his own against the Marvel heavy hitters.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

Spider-Man stomps. This is really a mismatch.
2+ years member.
Voted: Superman

How is this even a debate? Superman melts Deadpool using his heat vision or throws him into the sun.
1 year ago.
2+ years member.
Hulk's intelligence is way too high. The Most common version of Hulk is Savage Hulk and he has intelligence of a 5 year old child...
2+ years member.
Voted: Iron Man

in a Close Fight Wolverine makes scrap metal out of Tony's armor but Tony is not stupid. He would not to fight him head on. He would fly around, use distance and blast him with his repulsors and propably use somekind magnetic technology against Logan.
2+ years member.
Voted: Spider-Man

Batman's intelligence is more about tactical and detective skills wheres Spider-man Intelligence is more about Chemistry and science,
Spider-Man still beats batman even if Batman gets prep time.
2+ years member.
The most wanked character in fiction...
2+ years member.
Voted: Vegeta

Vegeta beats most versions of Supermen but Pre Crisis Superman could pull it off.
1 year ago.
Team Battle
2+ years member.
Voted: Justice League

I like the Avengers more but Justice League beats them in a fight.
2+ years member.
Voted: Mario

Too close to call. Mario is stronger and has slightly better durability but Luigi is faster more agile and jumps higher. It all comes down what powerups they are having.